Special Features

Dynamic Features

Crazy’es Unique features boost you to overcome various difficulties such as export and import

the page, save as template(page), Cross copy-paste and many other features.

Page Duplicate

Want to same the design between two pages, just want to change the content, can do it by using our crazy elements page duplicator as many as you want.

Save Template Export and Import

This feature allows you to save sections, blocks or page and export the page from save template so that you can take backup on your page. Export and Import are most important because if any thing happened unintentionally you can use that at that time.

Navigator Panel

Navigator is one of the newest features of crazy modules. It will help you to find out any section or column of your build in page. You can also find out the elements of your page which is inside the column and furthermore you can edit that section/column.

History, Revision & Preview

History helps you to see all the editing you are done on your page. Revision helps you to see all the file which are deleted, you can recover or permanently delete any section or blocks from here. Preview changes allows you see your page after edit or adding some section or blocks. 

More Awsome Features are coming for you!

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