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Special Features

Dynamic Features

Special features like Dynamic Content, Motion Effects, Custom Positioning, Global Typography Custom Styles, and more will elevate your web works.

Custom Positioning

Get full flexibility over your layouts and go off-grid with Fixed or Absolute Position. Drag and drop each element to its desired spot.


Margins & Padding

Seamlessly adjust your margins and paddings. Create complex layouts with overlapping sections for even more design freedom.

Global Colors & Typography

Improve your workflow and ensure there’s consistency across your website by setting color codes and typographies, all from one place.

Save Reusable Template

This feature allows you to save sections, blocks or page and export the page from save template so that you can take backup on your page. Export and Import are most important because if any thing happened unintentionally you can use that at that time.

Navigator Panel

Navigator is one of the newest features of crazy modules. It will help you to find out any section or column of your build in page. You can also find out the elements of your page which is inside the column and furthermore you can edit that section/column.


Possibilities for endless creation.

With 50+ Powerful widgets, you have complete creative control over your website and bring your idea to life.

free prestashop page builder widget

Keyboard Shortcuts

Press CTRL/CMD + ? for the full list of great shortcuts in our editor.

Page Duplicate

Duplicate your same page to backup your design work process.

Undo / Redo

Undoing an action in your website is as easy as CTRL/CMD + Z.

Right Click Menu

Find more options for any element on your website with right click.

Revision History

Save your page creation process and re-trace it whenever you need.

Auto Save

Your project is continuously being saved and backed-up.


Easily locate and re-order all of your page layers and elements.

Copy / Paste

Copy and paste the entire styling from any widget, column or section.

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