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Purchasing Crazy Elements License

First go to our classydevs.com website. Then click on Buy Now or go to Pricing tabs.

Pick a pricing plan for (Annual/Lifetime) then hit the buy now button.

If you have any Discount code, Then you can use that code to buy the product

If you don’t have any discount/coupon code, then you have to fill up the personal information section. After filling up this section, click on the purchase button.

After that it will open a window where you have to select your country and click to continue.

Then you have to choose, which way you want to pay (Credit card/Paypal), click on that option which you prefer

After clicking any of that you have to give the information of (credit card/ Paypal) such as,  Card/Account Number, Card/Account Holder Name, Expiration Code and Security code/CVV.

After clicking the subscribe button, all the information you provide is correct then it will redirect you to the ‘purchase confirmation’  page and you can download the crazy elements modules from this page.

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