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Mailchimp allows you to design your MailChimp form easily with lots of customization options. With the help of this element, without difficulty you can easily get the attention of your visitors’ and make them subscribe to your newsletter. #

Select the Mailchimp widget under the elements tab from the left side of the menu bar from your screen then drag and drop it in the selected area

After completing the above Step, this is the default layout you are going to see.Here you can change the form API, can increase the form field, form design and also the header of the form.

In the Advanced tab you can add the margin, padding, Z-Index, CSS (Id, Class) motion effects, Background, Border, Responsive and others.

After left clicking on the background you will get two tabs Normal and Hoover. Here you can edit your countdown in two ways: classic or gradient. In both ways you can add background image, color, position, attachment, type(linear, radial) angle and location.

In the Border tab you can edit the border of your countdown in two modes(Normal, Hover). In both modes you will get the different types of border options(Solid, Double, Dotted, Dashed, Groove) and you can give the border radius, box shadow (horizontal, vertical, blur, spread and the position(inline and outline)). You can also add custom positioning, responsive and custom css.

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