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Crazy Elements premium quality modules for PrestaShop enthusiasts that help your eCommerce shop to grow as big as your dreams are, with endless customer supports. 

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We know your demands for building a perfect website.
You will find all the functionalities of your imagination here.

50+ Widgets examples

To make your dreams comes true our 50+ widgets example boost you to design your desired website. 

50+ Web Templates

Crazy Provides 50+ full completed web templates using that you can design your own fictitious website.

150+ Section Blocks

Thinking about your perspective Crazy provides 150+ section block to show your website more attractive.

Your Dreams Comes True with Crazy Elements

Crazy elements boost you to design your desired website.Crazy provides 47+ more widgets to contemplate user perspective in order that you can easily fabricate your PrestaShop website. Crazy developers are more happy to assist you with these addons.

50+ Widgets To Give You
Limitless Flexibility

To design your desired website Crazy Elements is the saviour. Currently, we have more than 50+ widgets and an ever growing library of templates and sections.

Powerful Unique Features

Crazy’es Unique features boost you to overcome various difficulties such as export and import the page, save as template(page), Cross copy-paste and many other features.

Page Template Export Import

Page Template Export Import

An impeccable feature of this Crazy Elements is the Page Export-Import feature. After you export the page content, you can import it again. This will allow you to easily retrieve your lost page.

Save your valuable time

Cross Domain Copy Paste

This feature allows you to copy sections or blocks from one domain and paste them into another domain. This great feature will finish your repetitive work at once. This feature will save you a lot of time as well.

Unleashed your design skill

Custom CSS

This excellent option will increase the freedom of your design ability. You can easily design your own by inserting a custom class or ID with CSS code in any elements you like.

Customize shop design in a minute

Shopping Widgets

Using these widgets, you can instantly design the store and attract your customers. These will eliminate the hassle of creating product sections again and again.

Captivating your customer using Icons

Icon Manager

The  Icon Manager provides access to more than 1,500 free Font Awesome 5 icons and includes an interface for managing your icon. Proper application of icons helps to enhance the user experience.

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Top Notch Support

Our team is ready to help and assist you with any problem regarding Crazy Elements for your PrestaShop eCommerce shop. Our professional and dedicated support team is always on hand to help you out.

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