15 Essential PrestaShop Modules

15 Essential Prestashop Modules

Getting started in online sales is now available to everyone thanks to the many e-commerce CMS available and their downloadable add-ons. In this article, we have chosen to tell you more specifically about Prestashop modules, one of the most popular platforms for French e-merchants.

On its marketplace renamed Addons Prestashop, e-merchants have a wide choice of specialized modules (CRM, Logistics, Design, Marketing, etc.) to optimize their online stores. We have made a special 2020 selection to help you choose your Addons modules and boost your online store sales. Thanks to this, you will be able to automate certain tasks and maximize your profits.

Prestashop modules to increase your traffic

1. Google Dynamic Remarketing

This module allows e-merchants to broadcast ads to so-called “hot” prospects because they have already visited your e-commerce site and / or specific product pages. The advantage of this module is its dynamic side in accordance with the product flow. The Google AdWords product recommendation engine then extracts the products from the feed and then identifies the best combination of products for each ad, based on how popular and what content the user views on your site. By coupling this module to Google Merchant Center , you will be able to create targeted campaigns on Google Shopping and thus boost your conversion rate and your sales.

2. Start SEO Pack

Optimizing SEO is one of the most profitable long-term strategies for gaining low-cost traffic. The SEO plugin pack developed by Prestashop will help you optimize your descriptions, titles, and images of the different pages. SEO is today complex but quickly allows to gain traffic, notoriety as well as confidence (by Google). The more your site obtains a Trustflow equivalent to your Citation flow, the more Google will return you in the search results. Track the number of impressions, clicks and the position of your web pages with the Google Search Console .

3. Amazon Marketplace

Do you want to boost your sales without wasting time? Import your products automatically to the world’s leading Amazon.com marketplace. This module allows you to import your products very easily on Amazon. The module manages multi-languages ​​and allows you to sell on Amazon France, Spain, Italy, Germany and more! The goal: the notoriety of your brand. Because it’s not on the giant’s marketplace that you’re going to make a lot of money. On the other hand, it can be a great springboard to develop the visibility of your products internationally.

Prestashop modules to better analyze your figures

4. Premium Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce

Synchronize your online store with the advanced e-Commerce features of Google Analytics. Analyzing the traffic and sales of your online store becomes child’s play with the integration of this module. It also allows you to automatically create Retargeting campaigns via Google Adwords.

5. Advanced statistics by product (Analytics & Advice)

Directly integrated into your back-office, this module developed by Prestashop gives you at a glance all the key information and data concerning your products. This module is also very interesting because it suggests optimization ideas to boost your sales. To discover very quickly.

Prestashop modules to customize your site

6. Product videos: Youtube, Vimeo

This Prestashop module is both very simple and efficient. It allows you to add a Youtube or Vimeo video directly to the product page of your online store. No longer settle for simple images. Optimize your conversions with videos. The location of the video on the product page is customizable.

7. Advanced Top menu – Responsive

Do you have several product categories on your site? Then this Prestashop Addons module is for you. Add images and completely personalize the menu of your online store. Optimizing the user experience is a key step in successfully retaining your customers and boosting your conversions.

8. Creative Slider – Responsive Slideshow

Boost the presentation and display of your product on your various product pages. This Prestashop module will allow you to replace the images of your product with an image slider. That is to say that the images of your product scroll automatically. In addition, this slider is completely responsive and therefore adapts perfectly to mobiles.

Prestashop modules to simplify payment

9. PayPal Instant Checkout

This Prestashop module adds an “Instant payment with Paypal” button on the product page and on the shopping cart page. Make it easier for your customers to check out and reduce your cart abandonment rate with this easy-to-integrate button.

10. Simple and secure online payment

PayPlug is compatible with the majority of payment methods (CB, Visa, Mastercard, etc.). The big advantage of this payment platform is that it offers Smart 3D Secure technology to ensure maximum security for all your transactions.

Prestashop modules to optimize logistics

11. Sendcloud: The # 1 parcel shipping solution

Sendcloud is the # 1 solution for sending parcels in Europe. With one click, connect your Prestashop store to the Sendcloud platform and optimize all of your shipping and delivery processes.

  • Import all your orders
  • Print your shipping labels
  • Automate package tracking notifications
  • Create a portal to manage parcel returns
  • Insure your shipments

12. Product out of stock: emails and number of requests

This Prestashop module allows you to collect email addresses when one of your product is no longer in stock. Rather than displaying a simple “No more in stock” message, the module allows you to customize a button to retrieve the visitor’s contact. An e-mail is then sent automatically to notify your customer of the return in stock. Two positive points: your buyer is not frustrated because he will get the desired product in preview and you collect e-mail addresses to expand your customer database.

Prestashop modules to retain customers

13. Relaunch of Abandoned Baskets

Many buyers arrive at your online store cart but do not convert? This Prestashop module is designed for you! By automating up to 5 abandoned cart reminder emails, your online store’s conversion rate should jump 15%.

14. MailChimp for PrestaShop

Connect your Mailchimp account to your Prestashop e-commerce site in a few clicks. Thanks to this synchronization you can send newsletters, cart abandonment reminders, package tracking notifications, and much more. All notifications are completely configurable from Mailchimp.

15. Advanced loyalty program and sponsorship

Set up a loyalty program on your online store in a few clicks thanks to this module. Earn points for your customers to thank them for their loyalty, then convert those points into vouchers. You define the details and specifics of your loyalty program yourself.

top prestashop module

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