Attention before Upgrading the PrestaShop Version

If you have the PrestaShop store and the version is below then you have an alarming notice. Do not upgrade version from your current version. There are some critical regressions is found in version I’m going to show you the reasons why you don’t need to upgrade PrestaShop, and also the detailed guide to level up your PrestaShop store.

When the PrestaShop version is released?

PrestaShop has been released on March 9, 2022. This release fixed 23 bugs and comes with new features.

Why version is not encouraged to install?

There are some customers who face some issues after upgrading the version to There was some module that was not working. The PrestaShop official site ensures the issues, these kinds of problem are happening due to version

They ensure the critical regression in version which the hook names became case sensitive.

This is why customers face some issues that modules aren’t working. This is the reason that it is encouraged not to upgrade to version

Now the question arises, what’s the solution for this? right!

If I installed version then how can I recover the issues?

If you already installed version then you may already face some issues. Let’s see how can you resolve the issue from version

PrestaShop official already provides the new updated version So you can resolve the issue after upgrading the version We encourage you to keep the backup before upgrading the PrestaShop. So in case, some failures happen, you can recover them from the backup.

When the PrestaShop version is released?

PrestaShop has been released on March 21, 2022. This release fixed 4 minor bugs and hook names case sensitive.

Bug fixes

  1. Fix the SEO item list index position for the product list
  2. Fix buggy floats on “stay logged in” and ”lost password” on the latest chrome version
  3. Fix bug for the empty state in stock delta component. It should be displayed as zero when value is empty
  4. Add help field when integer type is used to a form . The help field was not displayed when integer was used to a form

Critical regression

  • Fix a regression in by which the hook names became case sensitive. Comparing the hook names all in lowercase solves the problem

How can I upgrade to PrestaShop version

prestashop upgrade issue

You can upgrade version by using the 1-Click Upgrade module. Make sure that the 1-Click Upgrade module version is v4.14.0. If your version is below then please upgrade to this version. If you want, you can install it manually by downloading the button below.

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If you feel any issues to apply the above process, feel free to explore our PrestaShop Development Services.

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