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Counter is an animated number counter and used to show projects, reviews and many things which are counter related. #

Step 1: #

Select the counter widget from the left side of the menu bar from your screen then drag and drop it in the selected area.

Step 2: #

In the content page you can set the counter starting and ending number, number(prefix and suffix), animation duration, separator(dot, space) and the title.

Step 3: #

In the style tabs you can change the number text color and the typography.

In the title tabs you can change the title color and the typography.

Step 4: #

In advanced tab you can give the motion effects animation (fade in, fade in down, fade in left, fade in right, fade in up), and give margin, padding.

In the background tab you can give hover effect, can give background type classic or gradient, image, color, location, type(linear, radial), position, attachment(scroll, fixed), size(auto, cover, contain, custom).

In the border tab you can give border type, radius, box shadow and many other things.

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