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Using the icon list you can easily list the items with the icon. #

Step 1: #

Select the icon list widget from the crazy elements(page builder) from the left side of the menu bar from your screen then drag and drop it in the selected area.

Step 2: #

After dropping the selected area it will automatically take you to the content tab. In the content tab you will change the layout systems of your icon list and add more icons on the list.

Step 3: #

In the style tab you get the options to design your icon. Here you can give the space between two icons and can give alignment.

After completing the above one you can change the icon color, icon hover color, icon size, and the icon alignment.

After that you can edit your text color, text hover color, text indent and the text size, decoration, weight, line height, letter spacing.

Step 4: #

In the Advanced tab you can add the margin, padding, Z-Index, CSS (Id, Class) motion effects(fade in, fade in down, fade in left, fade in right, fade in up), Background, Border, Responsive and others.

After left clicking on the background you will get two tabs Normal and Hoover. Here you can edit your icon list in two ways: classic or gradient. In both ways you can add background image, color, position, attachment  type(linear, radial) angle, location.

In the Border tab you can edit the border of your icon list in two modes(Normal, Hover). In both modes you will get the different types of border options(Solid, Double, Dotted, Dashed, Groove) and you can give the border radius, box shadow(horizontal, vertical, blur, spread and the position(inline and outline)). You can also add custom positioning, responsive and custom css.

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